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This bubble backpack is made of high-quality Oxford cloth and food grade polycarbonate plastic, making it long-lasting and scratch-resistant.


Give your pet the fashionable astronaut-look with the carrier’s semi-sphere design window with interchangeable transparent cover and plastic mesh.


This space capsule backpack has nine ventilation holes so your pet can breathe easily. Both sides have three holes, and the front side also has three holes.


During hot summer days, the ventilation holes may not be sufficient for adequate ventilation. You can solve this by replacing the transparent cover with the breathable plastic mesh to improve air circulation.


When it comes to size, Anttech Breathable Pet Travel Backpack offers more space compared to others. So you can fit any size into it from a small, average, large and extra large pet.


Plus, its load capacity can handle up to 15 pounds of weight. So you can put your pet’s favorite toys inside to keep it from getting bored.


It also comes with a fixing buckle strap interior to keep your pet securely in place and prevent it from escaping from the carrier.


With Anttech Breathable Pet Travel Backpack, taking your pet for a trip has never been this stylish.



Trendy space capsule design that will make you and your pet stand out

High-quality materials for enhanced durability

Interchangeable window; comes with a transparent cover that you can quickly take off and replace with a plastic mesh

Large space adequately accommodates cats of all sizes

Load capacity of up to 15 pounds of weight

Equipped with fixing buckle strap interior for better security and safety

Lightweight and comfortable to wear



Materials may emit an unpleasant smell at first. You can fix this by leaving the backpack open in a well-ventilated area for two days before use.

Ventilation holes may not be enough during hot days that may lead to inadequate ventilation and overheat

The transparent cover may become too cloudy when the pet smooshes its face against it, leaving a bit of steam.


Anttech Breathable Pet Travel Backpack


Anttech Breathable Pet Travel Backpack

Anttech Breathable Pet Travel Backpack

Anttech Breathable Pet Travel Backpack


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